About the Journal

Recent advances in IT research are rapidly transforming the field. The Journal of Pervasive Technology is a forum of exchange for research of these future technologies, particularly applied technologies in the up and coming realms of low-power, network, and ICS/IoT technology and its security.

With computer science and engineering technology, and mathematical theory as a foundation, the fusion of tomorrow's technologies is a much needed scholarly collaboration and the method of future progress.

The Journal of Pervasive Technology aims to facilitate the exchange of high quality research and catalyze synergistic interactions among diverse scholars around the world.

Beginning with Volume One this December, we plan to publish four articles annually. Articles will be subject to blind-review by a minimum of three experts including world-renowned scholars. We expect the article acceptance rate of 20% or less in order to maintain quality and eventually achieve an outstanding journal index.
Currently, we are discussing with world lead journals to transfer selected articles. The selected paper submission and selected journals will be announced soon.